Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ogling - Beyond The Roving Eyes

Ogling! this one word is enough to create a controversy...such a powerful word! *sigh*
Even 10-15 years ago ogling was treated as ONLY MAN-thing..... but ,after all we are now live in 21st century and things seems to be changed quickly.Recent Kinsey report (USA) revealed that ,women also do ogle,in fact MORE than men!! Ohh my god ,our fairer sex now ready to give us challenge in every aspects...even at the department that ,even a decade ago,was considered for Men ONLY!! ;-)
Jokes apart, actually this is NOT A BIG DEAL at all,this report,however don't surprise me at all.
Come on! women do get attracted towards opposite sex & that's pretty natural....
But, I'm not totally agree with this report, firstly 'cos these are based on reaction of WESTERN women n that's too in the cities like NY etc.But yes ,no doubt women,specially gals & younger ladies continuously ogle...sometimes shamelessly,like men do.

Still, is there no difference between a female-ogling with their male counter-part?
Answer is YES! besides normal attraction , i.e. while they stare at handsome,tall guys,they also prefer those guys who don't ogle frequently,may be just stare-back with a smile and VERY IMPORTANTLY can look at their eyes,directly.

I feel, gals hate those guys,irrespective of handsome or not,those can't look at their eyes, rather stare at their assets!That's a complete turn-off for them.
And, there lies the BASIC DIFFERENCE between the male-ogling with female one. Men's ogling is more a lustful act(and sometimes they moved all most in a trance and forget where they are :o) ).But more disgustingly,some men even don't bother about quality.... they just ogle first and then try to figure-out at whom they do it! :-/
On the contrary, women are more choosy in this matter.First they select a few from a group-of-guys and then start their smart-game.In short,between the two genders,women are more coy fish in this act.Sometimes,they get more wild(than one can think of) and even do it in the very presence of their boy-friends(saying from my personal experiences & no,I was NOT the poor boy-friend! haha!!).

Now some facts....
This is not a joke. It came from the New England Journal of Medicine:
Great news for girl watchers: Ogling over women's boobs is good for a man's health and can add years to his life, medical experts have discovered. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, "Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out" declared gerontologist Dr. Karen Weatherby.

Weird research,huh!
But, must have to admit that, when women ogle, guys do get a high..... and more importantly a big relief from their own staring-duty! ;-)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Wow! Quite A Interview it was!!

Yes,it's true. Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by one of my blog-friend and very sweet-n-little girl Cuckoo.It was a really friendly environment and lasted little longer than i thought.Here it's..........

Cuckoo - Good morning Mr Sag_Nik. Before we start, let me put a few things a little straight to you. As you know I would be taking your interview, you have to remain seated calmly without questioning my questions or no. of questions. There are going to be five main questions with parts a, b, c etc. I want detailed answers to all of them. And please keep your face a little more cheerful. It looks like you have come here for a mourning. Yeah, that's a little better now. Keep smiling like that. Stop scratching your head. Here we go..

1. First of all, congratulations for getting the job of a lecturer in Calcutta University. May God bless your students. Why according to you, this job is more glamorous than being a school teacher ? Isn't it a shame on teaching profession if you think so ? You said your first love is writing, then why do you think writing is not a better career option compared to teaching ? Can we then assume that all the people who write, are fools even if they earn millions ? Can we see some samples of your writing ?

Me:Hi Cuckoo,before going to your question i want to clarify that 'Sag_Nik' is NOT right pronunciation of my name!I use that only for my blogger-id, my friend.So next time please take care.Ohh no, you needn't be apologize,it's ok.Now,without wasting any more time,i'm going straight to the point ..... yeah,College/University teaching is MUCH MORE glamorous than School & am saying it 'cos NOT ONLY the high remuneration attached with it but it's LEVEL actually!.... after completing M.Sc./Ph.D. if somebody has to back to his basics only & being forced to restrict there forever....then it's a pain Miss Cuckoo....again, even if a hefty amount would be offer to the School-teachers, those who truly want to utilise his/her knowledge and depth in his/her respective subjects, definitely College/University is best thing for them & am quite sure that ALL THOSE in this field will agree with me !
So ,you see it's NOT shame of the teaching profession if i say 'so' ,rather it's a SHAME of our system where being a very promising and highly educated fella, lots of school-teachers have to spend their life in a very dull manner where they get NO scope to flaunt their real quality and true see it's really shame of our system!

Now,coming to my writing.... you really misunderstood my words,dear Cuckoo! I never said that teaching is BETTER career-option than writing ....but i wanna mean that former offers more security than the later one . No, those who earn million bucks by penning his/her thought aren't fool at all, rather the HAPPIEST human beings on earth for being in a position where he/she is the master ,all-in-one who never has to compromise with the thing he/she's extremely passionate ! how dare u to say such thing my friend!
Ok, no hard feelings can happen with all,so relax.
But then why i said that writing isn't a perfect career option? obviously it has some reason that am now going to tell know,being a writer what felt bucks aren't the real motivating or inspiring thing when it's comes to penning those words reflects your feelings on various aspects of life,be it deepest emotions,beauty,greed, cruelty,imagination and many more ......rather you want APPRECIATIONS from the readers & it's needn't be the praise only, it may be the criticism ,but should be a meaningful one .... and here's the original problem lies .....during his initial days, most writers (specially those don have anybody to back 'em) have to face ignorance/insult to their creations that means 'ALL' to 'em....when some 'publisher' who may be haven't write a single word in his entire life ,throw your pandulipi like a dirty thing or simply ignore you many times ....then,there are peoples who express their doubt in your ability,laugh at you simply 'cos you dreamt to be a 'writer'! It's a harsh world out there Miss Cuckoo......yes, if somebody can cross this barrier then he/she definitely can enter the path that may lead him/her to those 'millions bucks' you mentioned .Sorry for being so serious,but it's a very sensitive issue for me.
So what can one person do, specially when he want to be confident enough to deal those rough situations ?? Obviously searching for a fund that will keep supply him the 'oxygen', that very much need to live in a urban society ,namely 'money'.
Hey my dear friend,ALL this lengthy reply is due to tell you that am taking teaching or any other job that suits my standard is only mean to gimme a required fund that help me to keep my passion - my writing intact,even if i don make 'million bucks' as you said!Again, i don meant that i dislike 'teaching'....only thing is i can live my life happily without it BUT NOT without my writing,'cos it's my life ! And you may be aware that there are so many great writers having decent jobs in other fields that only help 'em to concentrate on their writing ......It's different thing that they make huge bucks solely by penning their own thoughts!
It's like an unknown chemistry experiment that needs lottsa funds so that those scientists can carry it on without any halt....'cos like writing ,experiments shouldn't have NO time-limit or dead-lines ..... it's completely an uncertain world where chance of failure is much more than success,for that one has to arrange a fund n same thing am doing now!
Because,even if it'll not going to pay me.....writing will be there until i lost the urge to live a confident life. Hope you understand this time ....
Well, I'm a Bengali writer ,so before giving any sample of my writing here, please tell me do ya understand Bengali ??
2.Hmmm… that was quite a nasty reply, you got to be better now with this one. I can see your main blog is fairly new.. just two months old. And in your own words you 'opened it just for the heck of it'. Why are you wasting my time then ? How do you plan to pursue blogging in future ? Please elaborate. Do you think it is a timepass game ?
Me:You yet to clarify my last question!Sorry if my reply was harsh.Lets try to be friendly this time.Yeah, though i opened my blogger account without any long-term motto,but as you know, there are lots of things those may be at first place don appeal you that much, but with time a liking,a desire growing within you. About blogging that's what happened with me .While i don comment in all blogs,definitely visit more or less regularly,specially there are some blogs in which i visit quite frequently.Those bloggers are my net-buddies.So,you see blogging obviously more than a 'timepass game' for me.
Again,no body wasting any one's time.It's a personal choice which decides someone's fate.You were very much allowed NOT to interview me! So be cool!

3.No, you don't have to show me your sweaty red face, I can understand it is a tad hot there sitting on top of boiling pot but it is all for your benefit Mr.SagNik. Oh, you would have preferred to sit on that ice slab ? Ok, as soon as you finish answering this question my boys will shift you in that ice room.Now listen to the third question. It looks like you are a BIG fan of Indrajal comics as your profile picture also says that. Apart from what you are doing now to popularize the comics, what would be the other ways you would adapt to ?
Me:Ask your boys to relax Cuckoo! I know how to turn a 'boiling pot' in a 'ice slab'....I think you will understand what i mean if you can remember my profile picture .Now coming to my comic-reading,not only Indrajals but there are lot of other characters those i love very much as well,such as Tin tin,Lucky Luke ,Asterix etc. I don want to adapt any other way to popularize this comic-culture which's definitely eaten by cartoon network,MTV etc....only want to keep my fascination towards these fun-thing intact! Saying so, sometimes i do tell some friends about the on-line comic-culture ,but that's all!

4. Are you feeling better now after sitting on that ice slab ? No, no we can not move you from there. My pet tiger is very hungry if you really want to know.Ok, sit quietly now. We are at the fourth question. Not bad. I have seen you many times commenting on other people's blogs about the most beautiful feeling 'Love'.You are 26 years old, have you ever been in love, when was it, are you still together ? If not, why not ?

Me:Well Cuckoo,if you have notice,all my comments were mostly general views.Also i tried to post in my blog depicting my personal experience,but alas! that became rather an ordinary n general concept.....missing all my TRUE feelings .It simply 'cos,as i realised later, those are too personal things to share!
Yes, i was in love .It was over few years ago but still feel pain whenever I think about her. She was my very close friend .....we shared a very good rapport .But, honestly i don know why this relation is over .Because i don remember any negative vibes between us .....It happened when she suddenly started to ignoring me,after a couple of years of very open relation.Being shocked,I never asked her why she behaved in that way 'cos if she was happy being without should be had some valid reason and i don want to force her ... i can say honestly ,i was a real friend of her who's touchy about his self-respect as well. But yes,i never expressed my feelings to her,though my body language was quite evident,at least i (and some of my class-mates) thought that.
May be she didn't love me at all or as one of my very close friends said,she desired to hear those words from my side .....but i was afraid that time, afraid to lose her friendship,her warmth if the reply would negative.
It's different thing that, at the end i lost both my friendship and love . May be then i behaved like a coward and got what i deserved!But here's one thing for sure, i loved her.

5.Oh, it was quite fast, we have already reached the fifth question. Tell me honestly why you opted to be interviewed?
Me:Simply 'cos i love challenge! Surprised ? but it's true my friend.I love challenge,specially love to face this type of thing. I know that as long as am with my true-self .....can face any odd-personal questions ,any controversial things without an iota of hesitation or fear .And this is simply 'cos am very much ok if someone don like my replies/views as's fixed that I'm NOT here to please or agree with everybody.It's even ok if somebody don like me personally.....but will stick at my point till i feel it's justified.
I had lots of more intense,personal and controversial debates and i never afraid to disagree or establish my point-of-view,regardless how much it's different from others .So your offer of a rather friendly interview was nothing to me,only thing i bother was those rules stated that i've to interview others etc as i don have that much time.
Think you get your answer.

Now friends,if you wanna interviewed by her,simply express your desire in her blog.I assure that she'll NOT disappoint you as she loves to take interviews ;-))

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At Last!

Wow! what a day I had today!! It's certainly one-of-those special days in my life.. :))

Today I have received my first appointment letter(after some period of sheer uncertainty) as a lecturer under the University of Calcutta. Though I should admit that,till last year,my original goal was to persuade my career in my writing skill rather teaching [writing ,specially about those things I have witnessed,realised, enjoyed (& sometimes hated the most) in my urban-life,is really close to my heart's among those few activities that i can't quit under any condition...though now days it's really hard to find time/make-my-mind for penning something new...may be things will change from now onwards,for better,hopefully!].

However, off late I have realised that,writing solely can't be a real career option, rather I should treat it as an extra-curricular activity (i know it sounds little weird but can't help at the present).So,I made my mind for teaching (specially after having a couple of real moral-boosting conversations with one of my seniors in this field).

Of course I was (& still am) very much reluctant to become a mere school-teacher, after have spent so many years in the Jadavpur University. However,for me, teaching under a reputed University is much more prestigious thing and so didn't hesitate to accept this offer!

By the way,I have to join that college on the 1st September and class will commence from 5th,on the Teacher's day!!

Lets hope for the best!:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Happy 15th of August to all of my fellow bloggers !

It's our 60th independence day....time to make some resolutions (yes,for me this day is more meaningful for making some oaths than usual new-year-resolutions..)

Lets wish,we will see more prospect and less corruptions {am NOT joking!'s my sincere wish} in our country..:-)))

One can find some interesting facts about our tri-color here.

In personal front,being in the very important stage of my career,it's like i'll get the better offers within a couple of months (as per the things are going till now)....lets hope all will happen for the best!

Jai Hind :-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Women In London....

London mein ek kutty saab ko ek bar bahut cigar pine ki shouk hua, magar uski pass to na thi koi cigar na kya kare!...usne najdik mein jhanmin kare to dekhe ek sardarji aram se WILLS cigar fuk rahein woh calmly sar'ji ke pass gaya, smile kya aur batya:AP JANTE HO 'WILLS' KA PURA FORM KYA HAI?

Sar'ji(eagerly):NAHI TO,O BATAO NA PANJII?


Sar'ji(stunned for few moments,phir nachne laga): OH BALLE BALLE.....O PANJIII LO LO CIGAG PE LO ,CIGAR.. (kutty ko 5-6 cigar de dya....)

Kutty ne badi aram se cigar pine laga ....kuch cigar pine ki baad usne phir se kahe:SAR'JI, DEKHO YAAR, ULTI SIDE SE 'WILLS' KO PADE TO 'SLLIW' HOGA,HAI K NAHI?.....AB,JANNA CHAHOGI USKA MATLAB KYA HAI???

Sar'ji(delightfully):ARRE MUJHE NAHI MALUM HAI PANJI ,BATTAO TO SAHI !!!(phir se nachne k preparation le rahe the).

Kutty(taking a deep breath) :SARDARJIES LOOK LIKE INDIAN WOMEN !!! (and within a few moments he vanished! kyun ki usko apni jaan pyare thee!!)

Imagine how that sardarji would feel !!! cigar to gaya,sath mein ijjat bhi !!terrible,nah???
[it's just a joke,so my Sardarji offence meant!]
once a friend share this joke ,i just present here with some more twist ;-))

Friday, July 27, 2007

fly by....

Today I changed my blog title.... something that I was planning since few days....though it has been inspired from the beautiful song of BLUE (fly by),it also signifies my dreams OR more precisely my crave-for-fly like those lucky creatures,namely 'birds'. From my childhood, it's my one of the most favorite dreams(OR fantasy).....& solely for that reason I'm fascinated by Skydiving .....yeah,it's damn exciting! :)

So, from now ,it's no more 'Endless Blabbers'(though may be according to my readers it'll be more suitable !lolzz) BUT only fly by.....

What's say?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Candle Act

Mr.Sharma comes home one night, and his wife throws her arms around his neck: "I have great news: I'm a month overdue. I think we're going to have a baby! The doctor gave me a test today, but until we find out for sure, we can't tell anybody."
The next day, Mrs.Sharma receives a telephone call from AEC (Ahmadabad Electric Company) because the electricity bill has not been paid. "Am I speaking to Mrs.Sharma?" "Yes...... speaking" AEC guy, "You're a month overdue, you know!" "How do YOU know?" stammers the young woman. "Well, ma'am, it's in our files!" says the AEC guy. "What are you saying? It's in your files...... "HOW?????" "Yes ............. We have a system of finding out who's overdue" "GOD !!!!!!......... this is too much.........." "Madam, I am sorry...... I am following orders.... I have to inform you are overdue" "I know that ....... let me talk to my husband about this tonight......he will speak to your company tomorrow "
That night, she tells her husband about the visit, and he, mad as a bull,rushes to AEC office the next day morning. "What's going on? You have it on file that my wife is a month overdue? What business is that of yours?" the husband shouts. "Just calm down," says the lady at the reception at AEC, "it's nothing serious. All you have to do is pay us." "PAY you? and if I refuse?"
"Well, in that case, sir, we'd have no option but to cut yours off." that lady says calmly. "And what would my wife do then?" the stunned man asks. "I don't know. I guess she'd have to use a candle."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Return Of Our Tennis-queen? well.. almost!

Hey guys, there's a good news ..... our tennis-queen Sania Mirza makes a comeback...well almost, you can she reached semi-final in this on going WTA tournament : Cincinnati open;southwestern Ohio(USA),thrashed her opponent Govortsova within 51 minutes by 6-1,6-1 sets in quarter-final ! Also,at thursday, she reached in doubles-semi as well,with her partner Bethanei Mattek quelled Osteraloh-Rodionova pair by 6-2,6-3.
UPDATE(24/7):Sania won the doubles in Cincinnati open with her American partner Mattek,though lost earlier in singles semi.Now her WTA Ranking status:35(S) and 36(D).

Strangely,lottsa critics out here saying Sania is finished & she's just a media-hype!Well,fact is she's not only India's No.1 female tennis player but holds currently No.38 in world ranking (& this will improve surely as it's before this on-going tournament).... but, those critics are correct at the point that,while Shikha Oberoi, being No.2 in India, doen't get that feed-back from our media at her pick ,Sania gets all media attention even when she's out-of-action due to injury! But then, this is called media-gimmick & media solely responsible for it. However, media always made such gimmicks in various times in past as well, only 'cos they fell it'll give them good business... yeah! everything is about buisness,bloody business!
Let's accept it,Sania is a hot,beautiful n intelligent gal , and top-of-the-all she's No.1 female-tennis-player in India. This is enough reason to make our media sway around her....almost all the time! After all, we get a tennis sensation who can compete at highest level,at least she's worth the media attentions and that's too beyond her thighs n mini-skirts! ...though her contemporary Maria Sharapova is still far ahead of her.
The only draw-back of her game is her enormous 'unforced error'... it's a real point-of -concern,otherwise her 'fore-hand drive' as strong as it was in '05 when this 20-year-old rocks whole world.
She's currently at TOP 4 in this on-going WTA tournament...let's hope this time she'll reach final and...if possible,snatch the trophy.... yeah,she's capable of it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Passion: Isko Bina Yeah Zindegi Adhuri Hai....

Firstly,what is passion? is it the desire we feel for those things we love,be it close relationships or activities we love to do most or selected books we read again n again, in short everything that we desire it the passion or a mere addiction?
How can one define the thin line between passion n addiction?.. not a easy thing,my friend!
In general way, after some point of time we lost the attraction towards the things we addicted ,BUT even though we are no more presently attached or involved things make us passionate , cann't forget it so easily & more over if it's TRUE passion , then will not regret about it an iota,whether it holds a significant meaning or not in our life anymore.

As the title suggests,it is the PASSION that make our LIFE special & meaningful,it gives life a reason to smile in adversity,it's like oxygen ,a fresh air in our life,it simply teach us how to make a life WORTH LIVING otherwise which's may be nothing but a dull n monotonous time spending on this planet: Earth!

LIFE itself is the BIGGEST passion ,so....
Let's celebrate our life.... yeah!

Still confused, friends? Then there's a EASIER thing below 4 all of you .. just check your digital passion quotient!

For me ,it is...

You Are 60% Passionate, 40% Compassionate

You possess an ideal balance of passion and compassion.
You definitely can get swept away and lose your head a little.
But you're rarely a fool for love!

Is Your Love Style Passionate or Compassionate?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Movie Review : Naqaab

Oh! after few weeks i watch a movie on silver screen...Naqaab - 'the disguised intentions'. I was planning to watch this movie after seen the very first promo....actually, i have a special inclination towards certain film-directors & Abbas-Mustan duo is one of them.

As the trailer says ,this film will be MOST SHOCKING THRILLER of the year,well, it's SHOCKING no doubt,but a THRILLER?....hmmm,though it's has the thrilling quotient like all other flicks of this director-duo,but not up to the mark....after seeing this movie, i feel it has all those thrilling materials that can make a movie super-hit, ONLY the extra-unique-script spoils the party a bit.

But, nevertheless,as usual hamara Aksay Khanna rocks (in short,he's the one of those rare flawless actors Bollywood produced so far).Also Bobby Deol acts well, specially after the interval story revolves mostly around him & the actress of Naqaab, debutante Urvashi Sharma proves she's here to stay.In short she is the x-factor of this movie & not only she's very comfortable in front of camera (it's rather a cake-walk for her after being a famous model), can act well & she's very hot.... yes, all those already watch the song "ek din" or even "aye dil" will definitely agree with me.

At the end, i think this film delivered less than it promised in the trailor.... but,if you want some fun & time-pass with your sweet-heart/close friends or even alone,should watch it ....for at least once!

Friday, July 6, 2007


From last couple of years or so i feel interested in the number-science & find it really meaningful. Though it'll not tell about you the exact things but no less either... Prediction based on birth-date & zodiac sign are really surprising!

Where i not much interested in 'bhabishat bani' , the general characteristics (i.e. the general predictions based on sun &zodiac signs) are almost exact as my nature or characteristics.
Between, i'm No.1 in both SUN sign & ZODIAC sign

Here's one of various number tests

Your Life Path Number is 5

Your purpose in life is to life freely and collect experiences.
You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas.

You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms
You tend to make friend easily.
In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long.

You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret.

Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs.

You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused.

Love really...

Here i'm with most the controversial topic - LOVE vs INFATUATION/CASUAL-ENCOUNTERS.

It's just impossible to describe each in few words ,hence the difference, that's i think a very thin line exists between these,is tougher to describe.

But, then lets try to describe it from my experience (it's my blog, so my point of view is matters most!)

LOVE for me is something that you don't look as a Object-to-win, a-feelings-can't-share-with-everybody.... in short,a very personal thing where either way there's a chance of loss, but still you give your all effort & that without any/little expectation.

I had experience LOVE in my thing, that i never believed much before (& obviously was proud about it!) .... then i gave importance ONLY to those casual 'n' weird encounters with several persons of opposite sex!
It's just that i never told HER.. honestly never feel the guts & being around with several beautiful persons no body really suspect it (ok, some body did, but i was smart enough to deny that & to prove my point i just increase my interaction with other new-bees in our university ...and it worked!)

Now, i've no regret about my feeling nor i still in love with the same person... only it taught me one thing: YOU CAN FEEL GREAT not only after getting something, but EVEN AFTER GIVING UNCONDITIONALLY, one lesson that change my point of view towards certain extent ,obviously.

Now, still i feel attract towards hot strangers/little known gals (hey,end of the day, i'm a MAN dude!), but not really feel excited in casual encounters as before.I want now something meaningful,that can touch your soul...& not only body.

May be my patience bring me something this kind one day!!

I'm an optimistic person (at least still now!)
I believe,One day i will meet my LOVE ... yes, LOVE and not infatuation or lust...
For that i can wait my life-time.

Only wish if i've some 'TIME-MACHINE' kinda thing,so that would tell me how long i've to wait!!!!

huh!! again your crazy expectations SG???.... stop it ,stop it ya#!~^_(*&%##^
But, still i'm not complaining!! ... *sigh*

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Various Tests # 2

Again another test!... they call me little psycho... but, wonder who's not?? (no offence meant to those who think they are normal, 'coz only idiots are remain 'normal' in this crazy world!! *winks*)

You Are 70% Psychic

You are pretty psychic.

While you aren't Miss Cleo, you've got a little ESP going on.

And although you're sometimes off on your predictions...

You're more often right than wrong

So go with your instincts - you know more than you think

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.

You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.

People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.

But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...

But too damn weird to do anything about it!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Various Self-Tests

I just done some tests at 'blogthings'..& it's simply amazing! Here's some with the results...

How You Life Your Life

You are honest and direct. You tell it like it is.

You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.

You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many acquaintances.

You have one big dream in your life, and you never lose sight of it.

You Are a Coy Flirt

You may not seem like you're flirting, but you know exactly what you're doing.

You draw people in, very calculatingly, without them even knowing.

Subtle and understated, you know how to best leverage your sex appeal.

A sexy enigma, you easily become an object of obsession.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's raining!

Wow! after a longggg wait, ultimately rain is set-in at Kolkata. Now, as i write this post, safely situated in my room & no planning of going elsewhere, i just enjoying it!

It's raining cats n dogs ,with heavy wind.
Only pray, plz continue it rain-god/goddess or whoever responsible for it!
Lets have a hot tea & pakoda (only if mom agree).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Past Calling Me

Friends, this is going to be my first personal post through my blog,though i created my account 2 months ago. I did that for a heck,at least i thought, so i had no planning to post something personal.
But, just from few days i feel to express the thoughts going around my minds,some random & others.... well , for that here i am.

I studied for more than 5 years in my university & left just one year ago. But, still i fell attached to my classes,friends, specially those class rooms..... wait, if u think i was a very good student or very much love in my study,then nope, & neither i cherished my time when i was a student,mostly because of hectic & monotonous schedules & the distance from my home.......... i have to travel as much as 4 hours up-down journey,regularly.
My most friends were in mess/hostel. I never got a hostel due a good number of students came from much far distances [some from different states also] than me & were more deserving candidates.
For mess, well i tried, but felt that,we did all those things suppose to be a family-man duty,as going to the grocery,markets ,track the regular expenses ,cleaning ur linen blah blah.......... sometimes we, the three friends share the mess, joked that we became so much expert in house-hold jobs that we should get married & stay with our spouses here as studies somehow became a secondary things to us! But, seriously, i felt more exhausted than my day-to-day journey & leave that mess after 4 months or so.
But, these actually not the things now haunt my memory. But, as i said, my classes,friends ,in short that 'busy life' i never felt will back in my memory .Now, i visit my University for project works,sometimes meet the friends who r already get a project,but i rarely able to visit my class rooms ,partly because new birds filled the place & most importantly this will not bring back me that group of friends i hanged around once.
I fell really nostalgic, may be not a good sign as we have to live in our present, but then, can't help.
Ok, enough blabber for one day ,but NOT finished, may be i will back with the same topics in my next post. Till then, bye friends