Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At Last!

Wow! what a day I had today!! It's certainly one-of-those special days in my life.. :))

Today I have received my first appointment letter(after some period of sheer uncertainty) as a lecturer under the University of Calcutta. Though I should admit that,till last year,my original goal was to persuade my career in my writing skill rather teaching [writing ,specially about those things I have witnessed,realised, enjoyed (& sometimes hated the most) in my urban-life,is really close to my heart .....it's among those few activities that i can't quit under any condition...though now days it's really hard to find time/make-my-mind for penning something new...may be things will change from now onwards,for better,hopefully!].

However, off late I have realised that,writing solely can't be a real career option, rather I should treat it as an extra-curricular activity (i know it sounds little weird but can't help at the present).So,I made my mind for teaching (specially after having a couple of real moral-boosting conversations with one of my seniors in this field).

Of course I was (& still am) very much reluctant to become a mere school-teacher, after have spent so many years in the Jadavpur University. However,for me, teaching under a reputed University is much more prestigious thing and so didn't hesitate to accept this offer!

By the way,I have to join that college on the 1st September and class will commence from 5th,on the Teacher's day!!

Lets hope for the best!:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Happy 15th of August to all of my fellow bloggers !

It's our 60th independence day....time to make some resolutions (yes,for me this day is more meaningful for making some oaths than usual new-year-resolutions..)

Lets wish,we will see more prospect and less corruptions {am NOT joking!..it's my sincere wish} in our country..:-)))

One can find some interesting facts about our tri-color here.

In personal front,being in the very important stage of my career,it's like i'll get the better offers within a couple of months (as per the things are going till now)....lets hope all will happen for the best!

Jai Hind :-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Women In London....

London mein ek kutty saab ko ek bar bahut cigar pine ki shouk hua, magar uski pass to na thi koi cigar na dolar...to kya kare!...usne najdik mein jhanmin kare to dekhe ek sardarji aram se WILLS cigar fuk rahein the...to woh calmly sar'ji ke pass gaya, smile kya aur batya:AP JANTE HO 'WILLS' KA PURA FORM KYA HAI?

Sar'ji(eagerly):NAHI TO,O BATAO NA PANJII?


Sar'ji(stunned for few moments,phir nachne laga): OH BALLE BALLE.....O PANJIII LO LO CIGAG PE LO ,CIGAR.. (kutty ko 5-6 cigar de dya....)

Kutty ne badi aram se cigar pine laga ....kuch cigar pine ki baad usne phir se kahe:SAR'JI, DEKHO YAAR, ULTI SIDE SE 'WILLS' KO PADE TO 'SLLIW' HOGA,HAI K NAHI?.....AB,JANNA CHAHOGI USKA MATLAB KYA HAI???

Sar'ji(delightfully):ARRE MUJHE NAHI MALUM HAI PANJI ,BATTAO TO SAHI !!!(phir se nachne k preparation le rahe the).

Kutty(taking a deep breath) :SARDARJIES LOOK LIKE INDIAN WOMEN !!! (and within a few moments he vanished! kyun ki usko apni jaan pyare thee!!)

Imagine how that sardarji would feel !!! cigar to gaya,sath mein ijjat bhi !!terrible,nah???
[it's just a joke,so my Sardarji friends...no offence meant!]
once a friend share this joke ,i just present here with some more twist ;-))