Monday, September 3, 2007

Wow! Quite A Interview it was!!

Yes,it's true. Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by one of my blog-friend and very sweet-n-little girl Cuckoo.It was a really friendly environment and lasted little longer than i thought.Here it's..........

Cuckoo - Good morning Mr Sag_Nik. Before we start, let me put a few things a little straight to you. As you know I would be taking your interview, you have to remain seated calmly without questioning my questions or no. of questions. There are going to be five main questions with parts a, b, c etc. I want detailed answers to all of them. And please keep your face a little more cheerful. It looks like you have come here for a mourning. Yeah, that's a little better now. Keep smiling like that. Stop scratching your head. Here we go..

1. First of all, congratulations for getting the job of a lecturer in Calcutta University. May God bless your students. Why according to you, this job is more glamorous than being a school teacher ? Isn't it a shame on teaching profession if you think so ? You said your first love is writing, then why do you think writing is not a better career option compared to teaching ? Can we then assume that all the people who write, are fools even if they earn millions ? Can we see some samples of your writing ?

Me:Hi Cuckoo,before going to your question i want to clarify that 'Sag_Nik' is NOT right pronunciation of my name!I use that only for my blogger-id, my friend.So next time please take care.Ohh no, you needn't be apologize,it's ok.Now,without wasting any more time,i'm going straight to the point ..... yeah,College/University teaching is MUCH MORE glamorous than School & am saying it 'cos NOT ONLY the high remuneration attached with it but it's LEVEL actually!.... after completing M.Sc./Ph.D. if somebody has to back to his basics only & being forced to restrict there forever....then it's a pain Miss Cuckoo....again, even if a hefty amount would be offer to the School-teachers, those who truly want to utilise his/her knowledge and depth in his/her respective subjects, definitely College/University is best thing for them & am quite sure that ALL THOSE in this field will agree with me !
So ,you see it's NOT shame of the teaching profession if i say 'so' ,rather it's a SHAME of our system where being a very promising and highly educated fella, lots of school-teachers have to spend their life in a very dull manner where they get NO scope to flaunt their real quality and true see it's really shame of our system!

Now,coming to my writing.... you really misunderstood my words,dear Cuckoo! I never said that teaching is BETTER career-option than writing ....but i wanna mean that former offers more security than the later one . No, those who earn million bucks by penning his/her thought aren't fool at all, rather the HAPPIEST human beings on earth for being in a position where he/she is the master ,all-in-one who never has to compromise with the thing he/she's extremely passionate ! how dare u to say such thing my friend!
Ok, no hard feelings can happen with all,so relax.
But then why i said that writing isn't a perfect career option? obviously it has some reason that am now going to tell know,being a writer what felt bucks aren't the real motivating or inspiring thing when it's comes to penning those words reflects your feelings on various aspects of life,be it deepest emotions,beauty,greed, cruelty,imagination and many more ......rather you want APPRECIATIONS from the readers & it's needn't be the praise only, it may be the criticism ,but should be a meaningful one .... and here's the original problem lies .....during his initial days, most writers (specially those don have anybody to back 'em) have to face ignorance/insult to their creations that means 'ALL' to 'em....when some 'publisher' who may be haven't write a single word in his entire life ,throw your pandulipi like a dirty thing or simply ignore you many times ....then,there are peoples who express their doubt in your ability,laugh at you simply 'cos you dreamt to be a 'writer'! It's a harsh world out there Miss Cuckoo......yes, if somebody can cross this barrier then he/she definitely can enter the path that may lead him/her to those 'millions bucks' you mentioned .Sorry for being so serious,but it's a very sensitive issue for me.
So what can one person do, specially when he want to be confident enough to deal those rough situations ?? Obviously searching for a fund that will keep supply him the 'oxygen', that very much need to live in a urban society ,namely 'money'.
Hey my dear friend,ALL this lengthy reply is due to tell you that am taking teaching or any other job that suits my standard is only mean to gimme a required fund that help me to keep my passion - my writing intact,even if i don make 'million bucks' as you said!Again, i don meant that i dislike 'teaching'....only thing is i can live my life happily without it BUT NOT without my writing,'cos it's my life ! And you may be aware that there are so many great writers having decent jobs in other fields that only help 'em to concentrate on their writing ......It's different thing that they make huge bucks solely by penning their own thoughts!
It's like an unknown chemistry experiment that needs lottsa funds so that those scientists can carry it on without any halt....'cos like writing ,experiments shouldn't have NO time-limit or dead-lines ..... it's completely an uncertain world where chance of failure is much more than success,for that one has to arrange a fund n same thing am doing now!
Because,even if it'll not going to pay me.....writing will be there until i lost the urge to live a confident life. Hope you understand this time ....
Well, I'm a Bengali writer ,so before giving any sample of my writing here, please tell me do ya understand Bengali ??
2.Hmmm… that was quite a nasty reply, you got to be better now with this one. I can see your main blog is fairly new.. just two months old. And in your own words you 'opened it just for the heck of it'. Why are you wasting my time then ? How do you plan to pursue blogging in future ? Please elaborate. Do you think it is a timepass game ?
Me:You yet to clarify my last question!Sorry if my reply was harsh.Lets try to be friendly this time.Yeah, though i opened my blogger account without any long-term motto,but as you know, there are lots of things those may be at first place don appeal you that much, but with time a liking,a desire growing within you. About blogging that's what happened with me .While i don comment in all blogs,definitely visit more or less regularly,specially there are some blogs in which i visit quite frequently.Those bloggers are my net-buddies.So,you see blogging obviously more than a 'timepass game' for me.
Again,no body wasting any one's time.It's a personal choice which decides someone's fate.You were very much allowed NOT to interview me! So be cool!

3.No, you don't have to show me your sweaty red face, I can understand it is a tad hot there sitting on top of boiling pot but it is all for your benefit Mr.SagNik. Oh, you would have preferred to sit on that ice slab ? Ok, as soon as you finish answering this question my boys will shift you in that ice room.Now listen to the third question. It looks like you are a BIG fan of Indrajal comics as your profile picture also says that. Apart from what you are doing now to popularize the comics, what would be the other ways you would adapt to ?
Me:Ask your boys to relax Cuckoo! I know how to turn a 'boiling pot' in a 'ice slab'....I think you will understand what i mean if you can remember my profile picture .Now coming to my comic-reading,not only Indrajals but there are lot of other characters those i love very much as well,such as Tin tin,Lucky Luke ,Asterix etc. I don want to adapt any other way to popularize this comic-culture which's definitely eaten by cartoon network,MTV etc....only want to keep my fascination towards these fun-thing intact! Saying so, sometimes i do tell some friends about the on-line comic-culture ,but that's all!

4. Are you feeling better now after sitting on that ice slab ? No, no we can not move you from there. My pet tiger is very hungry if you really want to know.Ok, sit quietly now. We are at the fourth question. Not bad. I have seen you many times commenting on other people's blogs about the most beautiful feeling 'Love'.You are 26 years old, have you ever been in love, when was it, are you still together ? If not, why not ?

Me:Well Cuckoo,if you have notice,all my comments were mostly general views.Also i tried to post in my blog depicting my personal experience,but alas! that became rather an ordinary n general concept.....missing all my TRUE feelings .It simply 'cos,as i realised later, those are too personal things to share!
Yes, i was in love .It was over few years ago but still feel pain whenever I think about her. She was my very close friend .....we shared a very good rapport .But, honestly i don know why this relation is over .Because i don remember any negative vibes between us .....It happened when she suddenly started to ignoring me,after a couple of years of very open relation.Being shocked,I never asked her why she behaved in that way 'cos if she was happy being without should be had some valid reason and i don want to force her ... i can say honestly ,i was a real friend of her who's touchy about his self-respect as well. But yes,i never expressed my feelings to her,though my body language was quite evident,at least i (and some of my class-mates) thought that.
May be she didn't love me at all or as one of my very close friends said,she desired to hear those words from my side .....but i was afraid that time, afraid to lose her friendship,her warmth if the reply would negative.
It's different thing that, at the end i lost both my friendship and love . May be then i behaved like a coward and got what i deserved!But here's one thing for sure, i loved her.

5.Oh, it was quite fast, we have already reached the fifth question. Tell me honestly why you opted to be interviewed?
Me:Simply 'cos i love challenge! Surprised ? but it's true my friend.I love challenge,specially love to face this type of thing. I know that as long as am with my true-self .....can face any odd-personal questions ,any controversial things without an iota of hesitation or fear .And this is simply 'cos am very much ok if someone don like my replies/views as's fixed that I'm NOT here to please or agree with everybody.It's even ok if somebody don like me personally.....but will stick at my point till i feel it's justified.
I had lots of more intense,personal and controversial debates and i never afraid to disagree or establish my point-of-view,regardless how much it's different from others .So your offer of a rather friendly interview was nothing to me,only thing i bother was those rules stated that i've to interview others etc as i don have that much time.
Think you get your answer.

Now friends,if you wanna interviewed by her,simply express your desire in her blog.I assure that she'll NOT disappoint you as she loves to take interviews ;-))