Sunday, January 6, 2008

What's it?????

Every Aussies are now happy!!ain't?? As their 'beloved' team snatched a crucial 2nd Test match against Anil Kumble's (and ours) Team India today in Sydney & as a result the 4-match series now in their favour by 2-0 !!

Wait also 'helps' these 'world champs' to equate S.Waugh's world record of 16-win-in-a-row !!Wow!! what an achievement......but ALL these are for record books only,the REAL game which may not even mention even for once anywhere,is conveying a rather HUMILIATING & SHEAR SHAMEFUL truth of these 130-year old game.....

And the fact is,with shear partial act from ICC(International Cricket Council) the world cricket now in a real danger!!

Yes,it's danger...... when a team continuously getting a complete 'help' in many occasions from those TWO person ,having the responsibility to conduct the matches,namely Umpires .With MORE precise ,in this particular match,one is the dirtiest umpire of this world ,Steve Buckner (from WI) & another spineless coward,Mark Benson (from SA).

Today,on the last day of this match,when India was looking for a sure draw,those two third-class person prevent them to achieve their goal by giving at least 3 ghastly wrong out against them. Firstly it was Dravid,who was looking very solid during his 38-of-102-ball innings,was decared caught behind by Buckner,allthough the ball clearly missed the bat & only faintly touched the pad!!!!

It's the SAME Buckner who didn't 'heard'(or pretended??it's rather MORE logical n proper word) the clear sound of a definite thick inside-edge of Symond's bat.If that out was given then,Ausies would been in deeeeeep trouble with approx. 170/7 !Then all witnessed a more condemnable & weird decision when S.Ganguly 'caught' by M.Clarke.Fact is,Clarke not only caught a 'bounced' catch (already touched the ground) ,he also touched that ball for a second time on ground & with shear shamelessness ,began to celebrate!!!

After all,ICC & Umpires incld. Match Referee are in their side,so whom they will care?? Obviously NOT anybody!! A rather shocked Ganguly reffered dis disapproval of that catch & with shear stupidity (or eye-wash??) ,Denson,the other culprit besides Buckner,asked Ponting's boys,whether they 'properly' caught that ball!!!

Is it 1908 or 2008???

Why not he asked 3rd umpire instead of those dirty Aussies fielders??? How dare Ponting,the Australian Captain ,who was once arrested & in a lock-up for one night(he was drank & had a fight in a pub) in Kolkata in 2001 series,boastfully raised his finger to declare Sourav out,as if he's the umpire of that match!!And,according to his decision,Benson the spineless being,declared Sourav out!!!

Still the match was not over,as Kumble & Dhoni hanged there ,applying full force until again the ol' culprit Steve Buckner,who once prevented Indian's a rather sure win in the 4th test of 2003-04 series ,in this very same ground,declared Dhoni l.b.w. even though the ball was much out-side of the off-stump!

Then,after some odd overs,it's like,India had to survive 2 more overs with 3 wickets still in hand.Skipper Kumble was looked pretty good,as well as Harbhajan. But a sudden extra bounce from left-arm spinner Clarke results a catch in slip. India then still had to survive 11 deliveries with 2 wkts. Australians were desperate to clinch the remaining ones,but with MORE shock n a shame f International Cricket,those two spineless culprit umpires also in a hurry to make them (Aussies) win this match!As a result,RP Singh was declared l.b.w even though the ball was completely missing leg-stump!!!

Frankly,from the very beginning of this test,on 2nd day of this new year,these two umpires continuously giving shear shameful decisions against Indian team!!They call it human-error,but if it,then WHY only against Indian & NOT Australia as well(except l.b.w of Ponting in 1st innings,though previously he got a 'life' by that same umpire,Benson)???????? Anybody has any answer to justify their acts??

With this win ,Aussies may be attained the record of 16-win in a row & may be in Perth they will make a new world record,but fact is the whole process is a shear shame & very bad advertisement of Cricket to the whole world!!!As if,all incld. ICC(head is an Australian),Umpires & Match referee are ready to make sure Aussies can attain their 'glorious'(or shameful??) world record !!

My question is,If they anyhow had to make Australia the No.1,they why bother to arrange this rather time-consuming series,which is MORE like a circus than a real competition,where everybody knows what's in the list,as if pre-decided!!

Why THIS SHAMEFUL discrimination in the world cricket still exist due to which a real WINNER ,here the Team India,have to ended up as a loosing side???? Why these umpires,who are NO LESS than a bunch of ghastly immoral criminals,are allowed in the world of cricket???They not only gave intentionally wrong decisions against India,but also hurt the true spirit with which million fans are watching these matches!!

Simply it's an indication that WORLD cricket in a verge of SLOW DESTRUCTION...where only discrimination,with a partial & racial overtone can exist & NOT any neutral-n-true spirit with which this 130-year old game should be played!!!!

Like many fans,I'm also dead sure,Ponting & Clark would have been faced minimum 2-match-ban due to their false appeals for catches even though balls well touched the ground ,if they were NOT Ausies the white people!!!!!

But alas,may b Dravid & Sourav will have to face charges for their on-face disapproval in those very moments!!!
Is it the MODERN cricket??...... or rather, Beginning of slow death of this otherwise amazing n entertaining sport!!!
It's a shear pity!!!!
ONLY solution is immediate kick out of those slaves(of ICC) in the potion of umpires ,be it Buckner & Benson with Malcom Speed.....who's like a 'poisonous rat' in the World Cricket Body!!
In short,a complete transparency in ICC's activity with ZERO tolerance towards racial discrimination (like as white countries like AUS,SA,ENG always get a Scott-free from match referees even if their serious offence & in other hand, Asian teams always have to face the fire,even for a trivial issue!!!!) only may bring the apparently lost charm in this game!!

Lets hope for that..........