Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's raining!

Wow! after a longggg wait, ultimately rain is set-in at Kolkata. Now, as i write this post, safely situated in my room & no planning of going elsewhere, i just enjoying it!

It's raining cats n dogs ,with heavy wind.
Only pray, plz continue it rain-god/goddess or whoever responsible for it!
Lets have a hot tea & pakoda (only if mom agree).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Past Calling Me

Friends, this is going to be my first personal post through my blog,though i created my account 2 months ago. I did that for a heck,at least i thought, so i had no planning to post something personal.
But, just from few days i feel to express the thoughts going around my minds,some random & others.... well , for that here i am.

I studied for more than 5 years in my university & left just one year ago. But, still i fell attached to my classes,friends, specially those class rooms..... wait, if u think i was a very good student or very much love in my study,then nope, & neither i cherished my time when i was a student,mostly because of hectic & monotonous schedules & the distance from my home.......... i have to travel as much as 4 hours up-down journey,regularly.
My most friends were in mess/hostel. I never got a hostel due a good number of students came from much far distances [some from different states also] than me & were more deserving candidates.
For mess, well i tried, but felt that,we did all those things suppose to be a family-man duty,as going to the grocery,markets ,track the regular expenses ,cleaning ur linen blah blah.......... sometimes we, the three friends share the mess, joked that we became so much expert in house-hold jobs that we should get married & stay with our spouses here as studies somehow became a secondary things to us! But, seriously, i felt more exhausted than my day-to-day journey & leave that mess after 4 months or so.
But, these actually not the things now haunt my memory. But, as i said, my classes,friends ,in short that 'busy life' i never felt will back in my memory .Now, i visit my University for project works,sometimes meet the friends who r already get a project,but i rarely able to visit my class rooms ,partly because new birds filled the place & most importantly this will not bring back me that group of friends i hanged around once.
I fell really nostalgic, may be not a good sign as we have to live in our present, but then, can't help.
Ok, enough blabber for one day ,but NOT finished, may be i will back with the same topics in my next post. Till then, bye friends