Monday, March 2, 2009

Soul Mate....

For a man,
it's blessing to have a friend,
with whom he can share
some time & thoughts,
some fun and...what not!

At least,
it's better than keep carrying
a bitter and lonely life.

the best thing happens when
he finds his soul-mate,
and the best friend...
in his wife! 



Rafiq Raja said...

Sagnik.... I remember reading your comments on other blogs about sharing some good topics and discussing on them.

If you know, I run a blog where I am craving for discussing of these kinds on various posts I make.

Would be happy to receive your comments in there, we can talk more in detail, if you could shoot me a mail at my id...

rafiq AT comicology DOT in

MaNdrAkE said...

Hello Rafiq,
Thanks for commenting! Will be mailing you shortly!:-)